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Moving to the cloud from an on premise solution should first consider the impact on bandwidth, especially if you currently have a data cap. Products such as Migration Wiz allow you to stage your data migration over a number of weeks as posted in one of my previous articles.


Great topic for anyone looking to do Mailbox Migrations into Office 365:

Migration ToolMigration methodUser throttlingMigration-service throttlingOffice 365 resource health-based throttlingObserved average throughput per hour and per client (if applicable)
Native O365/Simple MigrationIMAP4 migrationNoYesYes5-10 gigabyte (GB) (50 concurrency)
Native O365/Simple MigrationCutover Exchange migrationNoYesYes5-10 GB (50 concurrency)
Native O365/Simple MigrationStaged Exchange migrationNoYesYes5-10 GB (50 concurrency)
Native O365Hybrid migrationNoYesYes10-15 GB (per On-premise Exchange 2010 CAS)
Third PartyMAPIYesNoYes0.5-1 GB
Third PartyEWSNoYesYes5-10 GB
Client UploadingOutlookYesNoYes0.5 GB

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When migrating large mailboxes this multi-pass approach makes a difference! Great news from an excellent cloud partner!

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I will blog about federation in the coming weeks.


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Great step-by-step blog to setting up CRM integration with Sharepoint Online

Donna Edwards

In November 2011, Eric Boocock from Microsoft announced a change to SharePoint Online (Office 365).  The change included the ability to enable document management using the SharePoint List Component with CRM Online.

Since I’ve been waiting for this feature for several months, I decided to give it a try.  The first thing I did was to clear a 4 hour block of time from my schedule to implement the solution.  I was aware that several articles list a few clicks here and a few clicks there, a tweak here and a tweak there and you’re done.  I also understand that one person’s experience with a new feature can vary from another’s so I decided to allow ample time to deal with any unexpected issues.

The key article I used to understand the steps required to implement the solution is one written by the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers; CRM…

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2012 – Happy New Year

Firstly, welcome to my blog.

I have never been someone who has blogged about anything in the past. So why start now? Well it seems like a good way to share information and start discussions on topics that I am interested in.

This blog will be mainly focused on technology, whats good, whats bad and how to make the most of it. Being a mad petrol head there may be some information thrown in about my motorsport pursuits as well.

Aside from being the year the world ends 2012 is shaping up to be the year where I see most businesses take on a cloud computing offering of some description or another. I intend to share my own experiences with various offerings as well as attempt to predict what the future holds.

In the next blog post I will talk a bit about my background in the technology business and detail the tools I use every day for my business.

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