Moving to the cloud from an on premise solution should first consider the impact on bandwidth, especially if you currently have a data cap. Products such as Migration Wiz allow you to stage your data migration over a number of weeks as posted in one of my previous articles.


Great topic for anyone looking to do Mailbox Migrations into Office 365:

Migration ToolMigration methodUser throttlingMigration-service throttlingOffice 365 resource health-based throttlingObserved average throughput per hour and per client (if applicable)
Native O365/Simple MigrationIMAP4 migrationNoYesYes5-10 gigabyte (GB) (50 concurrency)
Native O365/Simple MigrationCutover Exchange migrationNoYesYes5-10 GB (50 concurrency)
Native O365/Simple MigrationStaged Exchange migrationNoYesYes5-10 GB (50 concurrency)
Native O365Hybrid migrationNoYesYes10-15 GB (per On-premise Exchange 2010 CAS)
Third PartyMAPIYesNoYes0.5-1 GB
Third PartyEWSNoYesYes5-10 GB
Client UploadingOutlookYesNoYes0.5 GB

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