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WIX now offers HTML5!

In one of my earlier posts I talked about a company called WIX who offered a cloud website service allowing users to create beautiful animated websites. One of the small issues I had with the experience was that it limited you to publishing the site using Flash. I was first alerted to the potential for this to change two weeks ago when I saw the Flash logo hovering above the site I had created, it was possible Flash was to become an option. And indeed it did, you now have an option to create your website in HTML5. This comes as welcome news to those of us who understand the difficulty in getting good search engine results (SEO) using Flash based websites.

The introduction of HTML5 to the WIX websites follows what the industry has been asking for, HTML5 is now a multi platform language that supports the ubiquitous iOS operating system used on iPads and iPhones. Previously WIX had offered a “work around” for the iOS devices by providing a separate website however this didn’t share the content from your main site and was very limited in functionality. Now with the new iPad having better resolution than your average HDTV it makes sense to offer the same content on both platforms.

Wix Flash website options

The NEW HTML5 offering from Wix

As you can see along with the addition of HTML5, there is an option for users to create their Facebook page layout using the WIX tools and templates. There is still the option to create the legacy “low fi” mobile site as well. This is a great example of what you get when choosing a cloud offering, a feature addition without additional cost.

There are a couple of things I should point out however, you can’t migrate your existing Flash site to HTML5 (kind of makes sense really) and the HTML5 editor still has a “beta” moniker… that won’t bother me as I always make good use of that “save” button!

Go… create and enjoy!

WIX HTML5 Editor


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