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T minus 24 hours

Well I finally had the notice for my Transition to Office 365 from BPOS a couple of weeks ago. I have to say although the wait has been long I am looking forward to finally being able to run the current versions of Microsoft’s Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync online. The process thus far has been to update my DNS records to reflect the added functionality in Office 365 as well as a simple password change for my administrator accounts. Not as hard as I had expected.

The notification email actually spelt everything out in plain english:

Now I am 24 hours away from the transition date and plan to update you with my experience.

A couple of months ago I attempted to transition myself to Office 365 but when making the change I discovered that the Forefront “Firewall” which deals with the Office 365 and BPOS products didn’t allow this. I understood the technical reasons for the roadblock and patiently waited for the transition team to contact me.

Fingers crossed!


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